The Home Inspector Professional is a Generalist, whose job, during an inspection, is to recognize components of the home that would affect habitability.  It is a very serous responsibility that the public expects us to perform.  Much of the public today is very unaware of the types of conditions that will adversely affect their home and look to the Home Inspector for guidance in their purchase decision, making the Home Inspector very much in demand today.  The Home Inspector deals with conditions of the building's components and not with value.  Heartland Home Inspection Training trusts this web site will help you in your decision to become a home inspector and will help guide you after obtaining the Indiana Home Inspector License!    

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Heartland Home Inspection Training

Since 1999

All pre-license courses include a final review and an National Home Inspector's Exam style, two hour final practice test, which must be passed to complete course. This is designed to help you be successful taking the NHIE. Materials include a Training Manual, Home Inspection Training Workbook, the State Home Inspector Standards of Practice, and the use of Inspection and Business Control Forms developed by the Instructor. Morning and afternoon refreshments are included. While classrooms are non- smoking, frequent breaks are taken to accommodate smokers.

Did you do your training on-line? Now you need to do 12 hours of Practical. Please call for more information and pricing.

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We now offer a Supervised Inspection service.  An instructor will accompany the new inspector during an inspection, watching over the new inspector to ensure that the inspection is conducted and reported properly.  This service will be especially useful for the new inspector who may be a little unsure about conducting and reporting the first few inspections.  Arrangements must be made in advance for each supervised inspection.  Supervised Inspection fee is $100.00 per inspection.


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The Real Estate market is getting EVEN better in 2017!  Sales are increasing and so are inspections. The number of licensed home inspectors is low!  This is a great time to earn your Home Inspection License and start your new career. Mark your calendar, class dates for 2017 are now posted.  Watch for additional classes to come in 2017!


The Economy is improving and the demand for home inspections and home inspectors is increasing!  Now is a good time to learn to be a Home Inspector! Home Inspectors are in demand and there are only about 550 Home Inspectors for the entire state of Indiana!  We offer personalized, in class, live training to provide you with the best possible preparation for a career in Home Inspection. HEARTLAND USES THE NEW NATIONAL HOME INSPECTION EXAM STUDY GUIDE AND TRAINING MANUAL IN THE PRE-LICENSING DAY CLASS!! Do not rely on the internet or online training for this type of a career.  Get started today with Heartland Home Inspection Training! Go to Registration Page (Click on more tab) to sign up. 


​Licensing of Home Inspectors started July 1, 2005 and requires those interested in entering the  Home Inspection profession to complete sixty hours of pre-licensing training, pass the National Home Inspector Exam, obtain General Liability Insurance and apply for your license.  The State fee for a Home Inspector License is $50.00 for the first two year license.

Heartland Home Inspection Training prepares you for the State requirements and prepares you for establishing and operating a successful Home Inspection business. We offer eight day, 64 hour, classes to get you started fast.  Additional training days are available to custom fit your professional training needs.  We believe that in person, hands on training is the best way to enter the profession.  We only offer live, in person classes.  If you do not understand a point, a live instructor can work with you so that you understand the point.  Try that with an internet program or a correspondence course!  We don't believe that any training that is less than 60-64 hours is adequate.  Please visit all the pages on our web site, then call for more information.  We will tell you everything you need to know to be successful.  We remain available to you after the class to answer your questions as you start your business!  Heartland Home Inspection Training has been teaching Home Inspectors since 1999, which is longer than anyone in the state of Indiana!  Why not learn from the best and most experienced instructors in Indiana?  Also included in the tuition are the instructor's report forms and business control forms.  

Radon testing also requires a license from the State Department of Health and the National Radon Proficiency Program. 

A Wood Destroying Insect license is also needed from the State Chemist Office at Purdue University.​

Day Pre-License Classes 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday (first week)
Monday - Wednesday (Second week)